Travel Capsule

Posted On July 9, 2019

Packing for a trip can bring up the never ending conundrum of  “How do I pack the clothes I need and look good while not packing my ENTIRE WARDROBE?” question. I mean not only do airlines have a luggage weight restriction, but who wants to lug around an 80lb suitcase throughout their vacation?

So, what is the solution?  How do we pack well, feel comfortable and feel prepared – all while expressing our unique style? The answer: A Travel Capsule.  You have probably heard of a Capsule Wardrobe, 4-5 years ago a Capsule Wardrobe became the “thing to do”.  A Wardrobe Capsule is when you pick up to 3 colors and have a total of 30 items in your wardrobe that you mix and match.  Some loved this idea while others found it stifling.  This gets into uniqueness and should not be sold as a one size fits all.  However, do you know where a Wardrobe Capsule is always a winner? On the road – as a Travel Capsule!  A travel capsule takes the best premises of the Wardrobe capsule by simplifying and having only clothing items that go together without bringing your entire wardrobe.

So, why does a Travel Capsule work? It focuses you. Everything goes together. It makes it easy to put outfits together.  You are ready for your specific trip and your specific occasions.  A Travel Capsule allows for planned flexibility.

Now that we know the benefits of a Travel Capsule let’s look at the how.

3 Easy Steps to your Travel Capsule:

1:   Look at your trip:

  • How many days will you be gone?
  • Where are you going?
  • What is the climate?
  • What are the events or special occasions that you will need to dress for?

In this step you will decide what items you need and how many of each item.  ie: 1 pair of sandals, ballet flats, 2 pairs of shorts, 4 shirts, a dress and 1 pair of pants. (an important note here: you can reuse clothing items during the trip so you don’t need an entire different outfit for each day you are gone) Once you have gathered this information you are ready for step 2.

2:  Pick a Clothing Hero. Have you ever heard of this term in regards to clothing? A Clothing “Hero” is an item of clothing or accessory you admire, that has qualities you like, a piece that stands out to you.  This is an important step so find something you really like.

3:  Use the colors that are in your clothing “Hero” (or even colors that match the colors within) to bring in the rest of your Travel Capsule.  An important step here is that all tops must match all bottoms, but the bottoms do not have to match each other.  Voila, you now have a Travel Capsule that will cover all your needs and work together seamlessly throughout your trip.


Now you can pack with confidence, knowing you will have what you need to fully express A Style That is You.




Written by Rebekah Floyd

I am a mom, wife and a Fashion Stylist and trained Image Consultant. What started out as a fun way to help others express themselves through fashion became a calling when I trained with an international Certified Image Consultant. Over the years I have worked with a variety of people and businesses including men, women, moms, grandmas, wealth management firms, accountants, occupational therapists, gym owners, authors, executive directors, photographers, makeup artists and more.

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