Men’s Shoes-How to be Casual, yet Still Stylish

Posted On August 29, 2019

What are my shoe options  when I want to be casual yet stylish?  Is there an option between  athletic shoes and dress shoes?  And in hotter climates, are there stylish shoes I can wear with shorts?

Men’s Fashion can often seem limited.  In a sea of blue and black, athletic shorts or khakis it can be hard to think outside the box without some extra direction.  Hang on men!  There is hope and sometimes you can even find it without having to shop in a store.

First you need to know what you are looking for, what you need in the shoe.

What is the functionality of the shoe?  Where will you wear the shoe? (out to dinner, tailgate party, errands) What styles do you like? (classic, modern, traditional; loafers, oxfords, boat shoes) What color would you like the shoe to be? (colors you normally wear or like to wear)

The refinement level of a shoe is based on a few factors: fabric, color and style.  Take this shoe, it gives a very different refinement level when made in canvas versus leather. A canvas shoe reads at a lower refinement level than leather in the same style shoe.

Color also changes the refinement level.  Compare this brown shoe to this blue shoe. A brighter color will read as more casual.

If you want to up your refinement, go for a casual shoe with more flair, like these wingtip oxford

Once you find the answers to these questions move on to the next step. Where do I look for these shoes? Do you feel a little lost? Here are a few options depending on your budget and shopping impetus.


Options to Find Your Casual Style Shoe:

  1. Do a simple Google search using your answers from the previous questions.  Click on “Images” to see what pops up.  Often this will lead you to a store with many options you like.
  2. Go to the website of a store you like.  Here you can search based on shoe style, color, material, even shoe size. Adding these filters allows you to make the best use of your time. Good Options here: Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Dillards
  3. Go to an online only shoe website.  These websites hold a plethora of options in every color, fabric and style imaginable. These sites sometimes offer free shipping and returns.  You can do a search solely on style type or tighten up the search to find one particular shoe style type in your size and desired color.  Good options here: Zappos, Amazon, DSW
  4. Feel like getting out?  Go to the actual store.  Nordstrom, Nordstrom’s Rack, Dillards, Ross, TJ Maxx, DSW, Macy’s, REI are all good options.

Take these tips and step by step you will be able to find your version of a stylish casual shoe.  Style That is You.


Have more Style Questions?  Invest in my Style Consult to discover how you can streamline your shopping and find what works best for you.  Click on Services for more information.




Written by Rebekah Floyd

I am a mom, wife and a Fashion Stylist and trained Image Consultant. What started out as a fun way to help others express themselves through fashion became a calling when I trained with an international Certified Image Consultant. Over the years I have worked with a variety of people and businesses including men, women, moms, grandmas, wealth management firms, accountants, occupational therapists, gym owners, authors, executive directors, photographers, makeup artists and more.

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