Capsule Wardrobe…What do I mean by that?

Posted On October 1, 2020

33 Pieces. 3 Colors. All. Year. Long. No Thanks!

These are the words typically associated with Capsule Wardrobe in our modern minds. Small, contained, minimal.  While this may work for some people: those Classic in style, those who like routine and consistency, it will grow old and be hard to maintain for most.  Your personality plays into your Wardrobe as much as it does into your everyday outfit.  Figuring out the “you” in your Wardrobe is as important as figuring out the “you” in your Style.  There are many steps we complete and assess in The RFFC Wardrobe Consult to bring YOUR Wardrobe to life.  After these important assessments are made we always create capsules.  How are these capsules different?  Well, I help you create several capsules for the various aspects of your lifestyle.  A Wardrobe Capsule can be defined simply as a few clothing items that correlate in color and refinement level to be worn in a certain aspect of your life.  How do you achieve this magical stylish capsule?  Below I will give you some steps to make the capsule work for you.

Pick the purpose of this Capsule

Is it for travel? For work? For a weekend in Iceland?  What does the location require? What is the climate? What is the refinement level?

Pick a Hero

Find something in your closet that you love and build your capsule around that item.  This can be anything from a dress, to a tie, even a scarf could work.

Extrapolate from there

Take colors or patterns from the Hero and find clothes, shoes and accessories in your closet with the same colors or patterns.  This brings unity to your capsule.  The major rule here is to make sure every top matches every bottom, every shoe can be worn with every outfit.

So, there you go, 3 easy steps to creating a capsule that is unlimited and brings the “you” into your Wardrobe.  Need more help?  You can book a Wardrobe Consultation with me-online or in person.  I can help you find A Style That is You.

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Written by Rebekah Floyd

I am a mom, wife and a Fashion Stylist and trained Image Consultant. What started out as a fun way to help others express themselves through fashion became a calling when I trained with an international Certified Image Consultant. Over the years I have worked with a variety of people and businesses including men, women, moms, grandmas, wealth management firms, accountants, occupational therapists, gym owners, authors, executive directors, photographers, makeup artists and more.

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