DOTŁ’IZHI-Luxury Accessory brand evoking strength, beauty, and worth

Posted On September 12, 2021


I LOVE Fashion! This quote could be said by me as well as my next Designer-Alicia Velasquez of DOTŁ’IZHI, but really when we both pare down what that means, I think it is we love creation, we love art, we love expression and the unique ways that is put forth person to person, culture to culture, even throughout history.  Alicia’s creations and handwork is stunning!  The backstory is a vital part of her artwork, with each piece.  So is her care for what she does.  I knew I wanted to share her work with my clients and even own her pieces myself.  Check out more about Alicia and DOTŁ’IZHI below.

What is your name, business, what do you create?
Alicia Velasquez owner and designer of Dotł’izhi,
DOTŁ’IZHI (DOT-CLUH-GEE) is a Luxury accessory brand that evokes strength, beauty, and worth to the wearer. Every piece is handmade and unique, from concept to production. The brand creates diverse cultural designs that are bold with edge for the urban woman. Dotł’izhi is the Western Apache word for turquoise.

Tell us about your Background. Experience, Education, Motivation/Mission.
Ever since I was a little girl I was always in love with fashion. I would create clothes for my Barbies from left over fabrics I found around the house. By the time I was in high school I was hooked and started to experiment with every fashion style the 90’s threw at me. I have no formal training, I never went to fashion or art school or got a degree in this area. I learned my beadwork from my Dad, my sewing from my mom, grandma, aunties and everything else I leaned from books. I am always open to learning new techniques then putting my spin on it. I am fascinated by culture and history. I love to use different elements and share the history of where it came form or how it was used. That is what motivates me to create every piece I make. Every piece has a story and my mission is to share that story.

What is your design Focus? Why? How do you create?
I get inspired not just from my cultural background but from all. My passion is to connect woman to culture in a respectful manner through culture appreciation. You will often find beadwork in the details of my work.

I use a variety of different materials,
Beads made of glass, buckskin, antlers, feathers, silver, brass, gemstones, and shells.

I try to stick with traditional techniques that were past down to me by my family and from time to time throw in a few new ones.


What is one big lesson you have learned in your years as a Designer?
Never sleep on an idea! I have slept on so many ideas that have became popular so by the time I created it, it was to late.

What, in your opinion, is the difference between Fashion and Style?
Fashion comes and goes but style is who you are.

Do you have a favorite Designer?
I am in love with Zuhair Murad the detail in his work is INSANE!!! Alexander McQueen is my all time favorite. I love how the brand combines hard and soft elements.

You can find DOTŁ’IZHI online

Written by Rebekah Floyd

I am a mom, wife and a Fashion Stylist and trained Image Consultant. What started out as a fun way to help others express themselves through fashion became a calling when I trained with an international Certified Image Consultant. Over the years I have worked with a variety of people and businesses including men, women, moms, grandmas, wealth management firms, accountants, occupational therapists, gym owners, authors, executive directors, photographers, makeup artists and more.

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