Take the Stress Out of Clothes Shopping With a Personal Shopping Consultant

I’ll Help You Shop Purposefully So You’ll Only Buy Clothes That Flatter and Inspire You

Whether You’re Shopping for Work, Leisure, or a Special Event, Knowing Where to Go and What to Look For Can Save You                        Time and Money

For some of us, shopping is a (dangerous!) hobby.  For others, it’s an exasperating chore.

Are you looking for certain clothing items and don’t know where to find them? Do you find stores overwhelming? Do you often purchase and have regret?

Shopping for clothing can be challenging if you’re not sure where to look. You may not know which stores best fit your personality or carry clothing that best suit your physical features. Shopping for the wrong items or visiting the wrong stores can easily lead to frustration. When you shop without a plan, you risk coming home empty-handed, or worse – spending money on items that don’t work for your physical features or lifestyle. 

This is especially true when you’re shopping for a specific item or outfit you need for an event.

Weddings, cocktail parties, business parties, dates…these types of events typically require special attire.

It’s easy to become discouraged or insecure about your clothing options if you’re not sure what you should wear or which stores you should visit to find the type of clothing you need for these occasions. 

Whether it is a need or a want, having a plan allows us to get off the shopping merry-go-round and be purposeful when we shop.

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I’ll Help You Shop For Your Everyday Clothing or Special Event Needs

A shopping consultation can make shopping more enjoyable and productive.  As part of this service, we’ll go on a shopping trip with a list in hand to get what you need to fill out your wardrobe.

Here’s everything included in a Shopping Consultation:

What I do: I take you shopping!  I’ll either meet you in person at a predetermined store with items picked out for you to try on, or I’ll fill an online cart for you to peruse and purchase. As we shop for other outfits I will show you how to start to apply these principles yourself.

What you need to do: prepare your budget, a list, and a pre-consult questionnaire.

What you gain: a less stressful shopping experience, clothes that feel and look great, and that play a specific role in your wardrobe.

Your Investment: $175/hr (2 hour minimum)

Look Impeccable for Your Special Occasion with an Event Shopping Consultation 

If you need to find the perfect outfit for a special event, I offer an Event Shopping Consultation dedicated to helping you shop for an event ensemble that will make you feel authentically stylish, appropriate and comfortable for the occasion.

 Here’s what’s included in an                            Event Shopping Consult:

In this service I offer an abbreviated version of all my other services. We find out a little of what makes you you and take that with us on a shopping trip.

What I do: find stores to shop at and outfits that fit you and the occasion (can be done online or in person)

What you gain: a stylish and comfortable ensemble for your event

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Investment: Contact me to discuss

Make Shopping for Your Clothing Needs a Breeze With a Shopping Consultation

Get off the shopping merry-go-round and finally start purchasing items that will inspire you and make you feel confident.  Schedule a free 30-Minute Style Consultation with me and we’ll get you on the road to a better shopping experience and wardrobe. 

Gift Cards Available

Would you like to invest in a RFFC Service for someone else? Give a gift? We have Gift Cards for each of the RFFC Services offered.