Repurpose and Revamp Your Closet With a Wardrobe Consultation

I’ll analyze your wardrobe and lifestyle and put together a collection of looks you’ll love to wear

Dress for Your Body and Lifestyle

“I have NOTHING to wear!”

I think we’ve all said this at some point. Why do we feel this way?  I would venture to say it’s because we are not sure what looks good on us.

Perhaps there are too many “orphans” in your closet. Or maybe you haven’t updated your wardrobe to reflect your current mode of living or the current state of your body.

Let’s assess your lifestyle and dress for the life you live.  With a wardrobe consultation, we’ll look at your closet and see how well it is reflecting your personality style and how well it suits the various clothing needs your daily life requires.

My Wardrobe Consultation Process

Here’s what I do:

After completing a Lifestyle Analysis to see what type of clothes you actually need, we go to your closet to reevaluate, reduce (if needed), revamp, renew or recycle.

 We’ll see what you have and how it can work together.

 We’ll organize what you have and create “situational capsule wardrobes” for certain areas or seasons in your life.

 Once this is done we’ll look for any holes in your wardrobe and determine what clothing items you need or want. We will then make a shopping list from this information.

What you provide: time to meet at your house and an open door to your closet. We can do this in-person or virtually.

What you gain: a curated closet of outfits that work for your lifestyle and a list of items you may need to acquire to fill and gaps.

personal wardrobe stylist

Tools You Keep

  1. A personalized Wardrobe Book with guides on how to create your own capsules. 
  2. Shopping lists of clothes you need. 


This appointment typically takes 3-4hrs. Once we’re finished we’ll have identified how to put together looks for various occasions with the clothing you currently have, and what items you need to buy to make your wardrobe complete.

Your Investment: $425

Thanks to Rebekah I had a dress that I felt comfortable & confident in when we had to attend a serious event today with short notice. In the past, I wouldn’t have had a dress to wear, there would’ve been clothes thrown all over my bedroom, & and instead of being present at the event I would’ve been preoccupied with my clothes choice. Thank you Rebekah for helping me transform my closet into something that works for me.

 – Jennifer

I actually have more spring in my step knowing that I am wearing an outfit that’s smartly designed. 

– Bel


Schedule a Wardrobe Consultation and You’ll Always Have Something to Wear

With a professionally curated closet, you’ll feel confident about your outfit options and will enjoy dressing for every occasion.  Book a free 30-Minute Style Consultation with me and we’ll take the first step toward achieving a closet of clothing you’ll love to wear. 

Gift Cards Available

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